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Permanent Magnet Wet Magnetic Iron Removal Machine Series

Applicable Industry

  • Mine
  • Ceramics
  • Plastic
  • Battery
  • Environmental Protection
  • Food
  • Medicine

Sample Comparison Before And After Magnetic Separation

  • India Sodium potassium feldspar

    Original Ore : 16 After : 60.1
  • Vietnam kaolin

    Original Ore : 69.5 After : 88.2
  • Henan Sodium potassium feldspar

    Original Ore : 14 After : 67.2
  • Fujian kaolin

    Original Ore : 73.3 After : 91
  • Shandong Sodium potassium feldspar

    Original Ore : 33 After : 74.6
  • Heyuan kaolin

    Original Ore : 70.8 After : 86.3
  • Hebei Sawdust tailings

    Original Ore : 6.2 After : 71.4
  • Jiangxi Quartz Sand

    Original OreAfterIron

Product advantages

  • High magnetic field gradient and low energy consumption.
  • The machine is firm and durable, with low maintenance.
  • Work continuously and operate smoothly.
  • Can be used with other models.

Product description

Product Characteristics

Permanent magnet drum magnetic separator is mainly composed of racks, pm cylinders, gear, feeding, trough, rinsing water equipment, magnetic equipment, such as main components.supporting on magnetic suspension shaft fell directly on the rack the axis, by means of the magnetic system adjustment can be adjusted in a certain range of magnetic deflection angle. Due to the large diameter permanent magnet drum magnetic separator, smooth, uniform, smooth feeding and discharging separation with long flotation recovery effect. But due to the large diameter speed, more stable and reliable operation, low noise, easy maintenance.

Application Scope

Permanent magnet drum magnetic separator is suitable separation stronger magnetism strong magnetic minerals, as well as the removal of non-metallic minerals strongly magnetic minerals.

Specifications can be customized according to customer's demand

  • WD-Intensity Magnetic drum φ400x600mmWD-Intensity Magnetic drum φ400x600mm
  • WD-Intensity Magnetic drum φ400x1000mm (Fully magnetic)WD-Intensity Magnetic drum φ400x1000mm (Fully magnetic)

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