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Electromagnetic Dried-powder Separator Series

Applicable Industry

  • Mine
  • Ceramics
  • Plastic
  • Battery
  • Environmental Protection
  • Food
  • Medicine

Sample Comparison Before And After Magnetic Separation

  • India Sodium potassium feldspar

    Original Ore : 16 After : 60.1
  • Vietnam kaolin

    Original Ore : 69.5 After : 88.2
  • Henan Sodium potassium feldspar

    Original Ore : 14 After : 67.2
  • Fujian kaolin

    Original Ore : 73.3 After : 91
  • Shandong Sodium potassium feldspar

    Original Ore : 33 After : 74.6
  • Heyuan kaolin

    Original Ore : 70.8 After : 86.3
  • Hebei Sawdust tailings

    Original Ore : 6.2 After : 71.4
  • Jiangxi Quartz Sand

    Original OreAfterIron

Product advantages

  • Water and oil dual cooling, stable performance.
  • Intelligent control, there is no need to manual operation.
  • New magnetic medium material, better separation of iron.
  • Small machine footprint and easy maintenance.

Product description

Product Characteristics

Electromagnetic powder machine magnetic characteristics of the package angle is large, multi-magnetic-pole, machine selection area of the absolute value of magnetic flux density is relatively average, according to the different nature of the ore to design different field strength; when the non-magnetic mineral off the magnetic field, in the gravity Under the action, the mineral can be well separated from the magnetic cylinder; and, the electromagnetic dry powder machine increases the mechanical vibration device, not only can improve the iron removal effect, but also can facilitate the complete removal of iron impurities.

Application Scope

The magnetic fine ferrous mineral particle such as hematite, martite, limonite, siderite, chromite, polianite; and also fine nonferrous metals mineral particle, for example wolframite; fine rare earth mineral particle, for example eremite; and fine nonmetallic mineral particle such as feldspar, quartz, kaolin.

Technical Parameters

Model Rated Voltage Maximum output current Max Coil Power Background Magnetic Field Magnetic cavity diameter Cooling method Yield Machine weight DimensionLxWxH(mm)
WG160B-V-3 380 V 9 A 3 KW 0.4 T 160 mm Oil-cooling 0.5~1 t/h 450 KG 730x650x1450
WG220-V-11 380 V 18 A 11 KW 0.6 T 220 mm Oil-cooling 1~3 t/h 1100 KG 1260x1260x2017
WG300-V-11 380 V 18 A 11 KW 0.6 T 300 mm Oil-cooling 2~4 t/h 1200 KG 1455x1260x1698
WG430-V-11 380 V 18 A 11 KW 0.6 T 430 mm Oil-cooling 4~6 t/h 1200 KG 1360x1360x2017

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