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Application range of dry magnetic separators

Author:WDY Magnetic Separator    Release Time:2020-10-15 16:30:21    Views:
Do you know the application range of dry magnetic separator? The editor of WDY magnetic separator will introduce to you.
1. Used for the purification and refining of fine-grained clay minerals such as kaolin and bauxite;
2. Reduce the content of iron trioxide in quartz sand, feldspar and barite;
3. Select useful minerals such as rare earth minerals and seaside placers;
4. Reduce the content of copper in molybdenum concentrate;
5. Remove the fine weak magnetic dyeing impurity particles in the clay ore;
6. Improve the quality of apatite;
7. Continuously remove abrasive particles in lubricating oil to realize the recovery and recycling of lubricating oil;
8. Remove ash and sulfur from coal.
Etc.Dry magnetic separators
Dry magnetic separator is widely used in many industries. It depends more on the material itself and the requirements of material whiteness and purity.

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