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Program Controlled Automatic Water-cooling Electromagnetic Slurry Separator Series

Applicable Industry

  • Mine
  • Ceramics
  • Plastic
  • Battery
  • Environmental Protection
  • Food
  • Medicine

Sample Comparison Before And After Magnetic Separation

  • India Sodium potassium feldspar

    Original Ore : 16 After : 60.1
  • Vietnam kaolin

    Original Ore : 69.5 After : 88.2
  • Henan Sodium potassium feldspar

    Original Ore : 14 After : 67.2
  • Fujian kaolin

    Original Ore : 73.3 After : 91
  • Shandong Sodium potassium feldspar

    Original Ore : 33 After : 74.6
  • Heyuan kaolin

    Original Ore : 70.8 After : 86.3
  • Hebei Sawdust tailings

    Original Ore : 6.2 After : 71.4
  • Jiangxi Quartz Sand

    Original OreAfterIron

Product advantages

  • The new efficient cavity structure is optimized, and the effect and efficiency of iron removal are obviously improved.
  • Intelligent control, there is no need to manual operation.
  • Cooling system of water cooling.
  • Simple maintenance and low cost.

Product description

Product Characteristics

Program Controlled Automatic Water-cooling Electromagnetic Slurry Separator Series is a new model of separator with high efficiency. The machine cools itself by deionized water circulating in the hollow copper pipe through circulating pump. Owing to the special structure, water-cooling Eletromagnetic slurry separator have the following advantages: high intensity magnetic field; the temperature inside of the machine rises slowly, long working period, have a wide range of adaption in the particle of feeding ore and the thickness of slurry; high efficiency in mineral processing; easy to manual and maintain.

Application Scope

Water-cooling electromagnetic slurry program-controlled automatic iron removal machine is suitable for metal ore rough selection and non-metallic mineral purification. Purification of quartz, feldspar, kaolin and other non-metallic minerals. Other industries: wastewater treatment in steel plants and power plants.

Technical Parameters

Model Rated Voltage Max Coil Power Rated Background Magnetic Field Magnetic cavity diameter Ore-feeding size Yield Pipe size Machine weight DimensionLxWxH(mm)
WS500-V 380 V 75 KW 1.6 T 500 mm ≥20 mesh 20-50 m³/h 4 in 14 T 2328x1745x2642
WS750-V 380 V 103 KW 1.6 T 750 mm ≥20 mesh 30-80 m³/h 6 in 16.6 T 2659x1978x2518
WS1000-V 380 V 150 KW 1.6 T 1000 mm ≥20 mesh 30-130 m³/h 8 in 26 T 3052x2185x2814

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