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Program Controlled Automatic Oil-cooling Electromagnetic Slurry Separator Series

Applicable Industry

  • Mine
  • Ceramics
  • Plastic
  • Battery
  • Environmental Protection
  • Food
  • Medicine

Sample Comparison Before And After Magnetic Separation

  • India Sodium potassium feldspar

    Original Ore : 16 After : 60.1
  • Vietnam kaolin

    Original Ore : 69.5 After : 88.2
  • Henan Sodium potassium feldspar

    Original Ore : 14 After : 67.2
  • Fujian kaolin

    Original Ore : 73.3 After : 91
  • Shandong Sodium potassium feldspar

    Original Ore : 33 After : 74.6
  • Heyuan kaolin

    Original Ore : 70.8 After : 86.3
  • Hebei Sawdust tailings

    Original Ore : 6.2 After : 71.4
  • Jiangxi Quartz Sand

    Original OreAfterIron

Product advantages

  • Water and oil dual medium cooling system designed to effectively control temperature rise.
  • Intelligent control, there is no need to manual operation.
  • More than 30% energy saving, greatly reduce operating cost.
  • Strong environmental adaptability, especially suitable for mining environment.

Product description

Product Characteristics

The oil-cooling series slurry automatic separator is the market demand of our factory combined with non-metallic minerals. It integrates the advantages of large-scale magnetic separation equipments at home and abroad. After the latest research and development of the company's R&D personnel, it introduced a large output, low energy consumption iron removal equipment. After practical application, it will play an obvious sorting effect on weakly magnetic nonmetal minerals such as mica, iron oxide, and titanium that are difficult to sort, making the quality of the treated minerals greatly improved and the added value of minerals increased,which has been widely praised and supported by customers.

Scope of application

It is suitable for metal ore rough selection and non-metallic mineral purification. Purification of quartz, feldspar, kaolin and other non-metallic minerals. Other industries: wastewater treatment in steel plants and power plants.

Technical Parameters

Model Rated Voltage Max Coil Power Rated Background Magnetic Field Magnetic cavity diameter Ore-feeding size Yield Pipe size Machine weight DimensionLxWxH(mm)
WY750-V 380 V 82 KW 2 T 750 mm ≥20 mesh 15-80 m³/h 6 in 16 T 2958x2294x3091
WY1000-VB 380 V 120 KW 2 T 1000 mm ≥20 mesh 30-130 m³/h 8 in 28 T 3503x2658x3392
WY1000-V 380 V 120 KW 2 T 1000 mm ≥20 mesh 30-130 m³/h 8 in 45 T 3674x2737x3542
WY1200-V 380 V 150 KW 2 T 1200 mm ≥20 mesh 50-150 m³/h 10 in 53 T 3950x2926x3746
WY1500-V 380 V 180 KW 2 T 1500 mm ≥20 mesh 50-180 m³/h 12 in 65 T 4349x3240x3706

* Please contact us for more details.

* Yield depends on material concentration and pressure.

* Various conditions or factors may cause deviations, please prevail in kind.

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